APEX Athlete Series Hileli full Apk 2022


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APEX Athlete Series Hileli full Apk 2022

Performance Insights

The only tracker on the market with 16 key metrics, the most popular of which are Total Distance, Max Speed, Sprints and Heat Maps.

How it works

Wear the Apex Athlete Series tracker during your session, then connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to the app and you will have all the informasyon you need to track your performance at your fingertips.

Compete with the Pro’s

Unlock your Pro Score and track your progression over time. Compete with all our brand ambassadors.

Unlock achievements

Unlock your personal bests and hit new records by performing at your highest level.

APEX Athlete Series Apk download

Create a team, invite your teammates and see who really is on their way to the professional ranks!


Our worldwide Leaderboards also allow you to see how you stack up with all STATSports users throughout the world.


Heatmaps: tells you where you spent the most time during your session, allowing you to identify ways to boost your performance tactically.

Zonal Breakdown: time spent in each third of the pitch.

Sprints: view the location and direction of your Sprints


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