Mod Poppy Play Time for MCPE apk indir 2022


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Mod Poppy Play Time for MCPE apk indir 2022

A great and wide smile with a characteristic but scary that is Poppy Play Time mod for MCPE. You can play it easy because here he is very funny and scary too with various forms there are also Skin Poppy Play Time this way you can use skins for free there are many features in poppy play time he can teach or become friends

Huggy Wuggy doesnt have much right now but will most likely have more in the future, plans i have for it are have it be able to climb walls, be able to go into 2 block gaps (like a player can), be able to duck under things (not sure if this one is possible lol), be able to change speed at random times, and thats all that i can think of for future plans for Huggy lol.

what does he have right now? He just özgü some basic mob AI stuff lol he can just chase you around, look at you from a far (doesnt matter if your in creative or survival he can still look at you from a far), it can break leaves (if you dont want it to break blocks just turn off mob greifing), and thats really it lol.

if you use the easy mod, its only one click, click, its installed easily without the hassle of manually installing it now, were also adding other mods like Mr Hopps, Demon Slyar, and Naruto Jedy, what are you waiting for, download now Kawaii Mod for MCPE

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition.
This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB.

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