Modlu Soundiiz convert playlists – music manager Apk indir 2022


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Modlu Soundiiz convert playlists – music manager Apk indir 2022

Soundiiz move all your music collection from one music provider to another in few minutes. Transfer your playlists, favorites songs, albums and artists in few steps.

Dissatisfied with your music streaming service or want to try something new ? Stop wasting your time creating again your music collection on another provider. Let Soundiiz do the job for you and shift songs immediately !

Soundiiz is the most complete playlist converter in the market. Offering an advanced interface to manage all your music collection in one place.

How it Works ?
Select playlists or elements you would like to transfer and choose a destination. And thats all.

Take a coffee while Soundiiz is matching your music with the destination catalog.

Some popular supported Music services:

● Spotify
● YouTube / YouTube Music
● Apple Music
● SoundCloud
● Qobuz
● Napster
● Google Music
● Pandora
● Deezer
● Yandex Music
● Beatport / Beatsource
● ВКонтакте (VKontakte Music / BOOM)
● Zvuk (Звук)
● And many more: over than 40 music platforms are on Soundiiz !

See the complete list of supported services on Feature Page: https://soundiiz.Com/features

Key Features:
● Convert / Shift your favorite music from one music provider to another.

Soundiiz : convert playlists – music manager Apk Full download

● Create a batch to import all your music datas in one time.
● Create Playlist Syncs to keep your playlists up to date between music platforms.
● Create music smartlinks to share your playlists and releases.
● Import playlist using using a web link copied to the clipboard.
● Clean and complete interface to manage all your music accounts in one place.
● All is running in background on our servers, no need to keep the app open !

See our Pricing (Free and Premium Offers) on our Pricing page: https://soundiiz.Com/pricing

If you have any issues with Soundiiz, please let us know at contact@soundiiz.Com. Well be more than be to assist in every way we can.



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