QuickChart for Spotify hileli Apk 2022


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QuickChart for Spotify hileli Apk 2022

Access to all your personal music stats using this app!

* Top Ranking: for tracks and artists. You can select several time ranges: Combined, Last 30 Days, Last 6 Months and All Time

* Play History: your recent tracks info is downloaded for every session. This allows you to know when was the last time youve listened to each song

* Debut Info: your tracks and artists chart positions are saved on local device for future comparisons. If you want to restore old week charts you should connect Spotify to your Last.FM account.

* Playback control: if the Spotify App is installed in your device, you can play tracks, albums and artists, pause the playback and skip to the next track. Everything meanwhile you can still exploring your charts in our app!

* AutoPlay Radio: an intelligent algorithm exclusive of this app.

QuickChart for Spotify Apk indir

You can quot;likequot; or quot;dislikequot; the recommendation for algorithm improvement.

Copyright disclaimer: Spotify trademark and its logo are property of Spotify AB. Last.FM and its logo are property of CBS Interactive. The album covers are property of their respective labels. I do not own any of the corporative logos in QuickChart application.

(C) 2021, Calderon Sergio – cs10 Apps


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