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uList Hileli full Apk 2022

Accelerate your achievements by downloading pre-made lists of other users who have already accomplished what you are looking for. You can download To-do Lists on how to start a business or a Vegan Shopping List already filled with tasks or products.

uList is the worlds most advanced shopping and to-do app! In addition to providing the most powerful features and options for you to create and customize your lists, it also allows you to download ready-made lists on a wide range of subjects for you to use as your own, and on top of that, its totally free!!

We accelerate your achievements by providing the best tools for each journey. UList is much more than a To-do app; its a life manager!! The evolution of the task manager, daily organizer, shopping lists, routine tracker, and notes apps combined. Our app lets you create multiple lists while focusing on the My Day list; after all, today is the only day you can actually do something!!

Access your lists and everything you have scheduled for today right on the home of the app so you can keep focused and never forget or miss anything. You can also add a new list, search anything or manage your next days right from our Home screen.

Create a To-Do list for home chores or even elaborated projects.

uList Apk download

Create a shopping list for the fair or sports goods, and the possibilities are endless. Add quantity and notes to your products while the app keeps track of how often you buy each product.

On uList you can also add friends and share your lists with them while receiving real-time updates. For example, if you share a grocery list with a family member, you will know when they bought the milk.

uList Features:
-Create To-Do’s and set them to repeat as Routines;
– Stay tuned into MY DAY, your daily organizer;
– Invite coworkers, friends, and family to join your lists;
– Share your items with anyone and see updates in real-time;
– Sort the cards so you can keep track of what’s more important;
– Reactivate tasks whenever you want;
– Add advanced notes to any item;
– Track your progress on your routines with the success rate tool;
– Set multiple alarms on the same task
– The best user experience in the market;

uList: Lists to Live.



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